The “Carolina Oaks” subdivision is a subsidiary of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. First-time home buyers can purchase affordable housing.

Located in the heart of historic Frenchtown, Tallahassee, the Carolina Oaks subdivision stands out as a shining example of community revitalization. Twenty-four newly constructed single family homes now occupy the foot print where once stood a condemned apartment project and several dilapidated homes.

In 2001, as a part its continued efforts to improve the quality of life in the Frenchtown community, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (BMBC) made its initial foray into Affordable Housing as a developer. BMBC purchased a parcel of land out of foreclosure and began designing Tallahassee’s first and only mixed-income subdivision. The premise behind creating a mixed-income subdivision was twofold; to provide home ownership opportunities for low income families and to attract moderate income families back to the community.

BMBC formed a public-private development team comprised of contractors, engineers, architects, attorneys, and the City of Tallahassee and broke ground in November 11, 2004. At the onset of the construction activities, the community began to realize that Carolina Oaks would be special. Bethel’s development team insisted that the homes constructed in the subdivision featured spacious floor plans along with modern designs and amenities. To ensure that families with varying incomes would be able to afford to purchase the homes, BMBC made the conscious decision to sell the land without making a profit.
BMBC has been successful in attracting a cross section of individuals and families into the community. Carolina Oaks is home to college professors, architects, medical doctors, school teachers, retirees, city and state employees and business owners, and single parents. The economic impact that Carolina Oaks has created is approximately $4 million. The social impact is immeasurable.