Collegiate/Young Adult Choir

As the deer is thirsty for the water so shall my soul thirst for thee, O God. This ensemble truly believes in speaking up and more importantly standing out for Christ. On college campuses and in the early years of their careers, they know the importance of living out what you sing. Under the direction of Bro. Jameel A. McKanstry, this choir offers the best in contemporary worship: true, thought-provoking worship. Experience this ensemble every 2nd Sunday at the 11:00am worship hour.


About the Director:

Jameel A. McKanstry, a recent graduate of The Florida State University College of Music, has been directing and teaching gospel music since the age of twelve. Bro. McKanstry joined Bethel as a freshman in 2006 where he began playing the piano for worship services. According to Bro. McKanstry the best part about working with Bethel is the trust of the members. “If your choir doesn’t trust you, they won’t be the best they can be.”


Jameel A. McKanstry

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