I.GOAL: To provide spiritual support for the Pastor and the Bethel congregation in the services, programs, and ministries in every church activi
a.Conduct spiritual devotions for every service, program, or activity of the Bethel Church with maximum participation by members to begin at specific times as directed by the Pastor, the program agenda, or the activity organizer.
b.Encourage timely and maximum attendance of members in all church services, special call meetings of the pastor, and meetings of the ministries of Bethel to assure high visibility of the Deacons and to promote ministry participation in all functions of the Bethel Church.
c.Encourage ministry members to attend funeral services of deceased Bethel members to show love and support and assistance if applicable for the deceased family members.
d.Encourage maximum attendance and participation of the ministry in communion and baptismal services.

II.GOAL: To increase the level of participation in outreach ministries by establishing criteria and/or
a.Encourage an increase in members to make visitation to sick and confined members at their locale.
b.Advocate and encourage members to make at least one visit per week to shut in with devotion and spiritual activity.
c.Consult with and/o9r visit with the Pastor to share ideas and/or receive instruction or directions.

III.GOAL: To provide structured training to assure that able members are capable of performing all functions that Deacons are expected to perform.
a.Plan and conduct training sessions in all of mechanics of preparing and serving communion.
b.Train and encourage members to participate in all aspects of devotion services, including leading hymns, prayer, scripture reading, and opening the devotional services.
Deacon James Lawrence
Deacon Charles Wright