Ushers Ministry


  • Gratefully serve the Lord for the upbuilding and glorification of his kingdom.
  • Humbly greet and assist the worshipers in a Christian manner.
  • Have the Spiritual gift of Evangelism.
  • Spiritually embodied and empowered by the fruits of the Spirit.


  • Transforming lives through Evangelism and Exhortation
  • Glorifying God in Unity.
  • Edifying and building up the Body of Christ.

Theme Song

What A Fellowship (Leaning on the Everlasting Arms)


Matthew 5:16, Psalm 84:10, Colossians 3:23, Jude 24, 25, Galatians 5:22, 1 Corinthians 14:40 and Malachi 3:10.


  • By promptness, courtesy, tact, and unobtrusiveness, the Ushers helps the Pastor and promotes worship.”
  • Assists in making members and visitors feel welcomed and comfortable; lends spiritual dignity to the church service.
  • Also, they make certain that required worship service items are distributed to the congregation as needed and establish the tone for worshippers as they enter the Church.
  • Accompany Pastors whenever he is invited to render services and or other special occasions to other Churches.

In efforts to promote awareness of health and wellness as it relates to the body, the temple of the Holy Ghost, the Healthcare Ministry has undertaken various projects and participated in activities to address the healthcare needs of the congregation and community.  Membership in the ministry is not inclusive to just health professionals, therefore, any member of the congregation who wishes to serve the Lord in a healthcare capacity is welcome to join.


Adult Ushers-109
Collegiate Ushers- 7
Youth Ushers – 11 Youth
Emeritus -5 (included in Adult)

Monthly Ministry Meetings

Monthly Meetings are held on Saturdays before the 2nd Sunday at 1:00 PM in the lower level church.


  • Fellowship and Evangelism with residents at the Seven Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center on the 3rd Thursday each month @6:45 PM.
  • Serves as Host/ Hostesses with Bethel Towers resident at their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas fellowships.
  • Serve meals on Saturday mornings at the Kearney Homeless Shelter through the month of August.
  • Ministry members volunteer daily weekly Bethel Christian Academy and the Bethel Towers.
  • The Ministry also assist various ministries when our services are called upon.