Africare Ministry


  • To educate the membership and youth of the church in particular, about the rich, cultural history established by African Americans in this community, this country and on the Continent of Africa; West Africa in particular.
  • To maintain the connection created between the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church and the Bonk Rong Junior School located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa.
  • To provide appropriate Mission/Educational support on an as- needed/required basis to our adopted Bonk Rong Junior School’s students, teachers and community, within west Africa.

The primary focus of the Africare Ministry is providing Mission/Educational support to the Bonk Rong Junior School in Mampong Village of the Ashanti Region located in Ghana, West Africa. At the same time, the Ministry seeks to enhance the knowledge of the church membership and that of the youth as it relates to the origin and establishment of African American History in this Country and across the Continent of Africa.

Sharing further, we relay that an abandoned building located on the School’s property in Ghana, West Africa was renovated and redesigned to be used as a School Library and Computer Lab. After working on or rehabbing this facility for a little over a year, the Library/Computer Lab was dedicated and named in honor of Dr. Eva Wanton, Founding “Africare Ministry” Leader of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church; appointed by the Pastor, Reverend Dr. R. B. Holmes. A few years prior to the renovation of this building, computers were purchased for use by the School. As of February 2018, the Ministry is planning to upgrade the current computers being used at the School and possibly work on adding a bathroom with running water.

The Africare Ministry meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall located downstairs at the church. Ministry membership is open to all with a servant’s heart and a desire to truly help those that are less fortunate than many.

Additionally, the Africare Ministry meets jointly with the PROMISE and RETIREE Ministries each Wednesday following the Second Sunday in the month. Immediately following the Noon Day Service on this day, a “Lunch and Learn” type program is held, to better prepare the members to meet the challenges faced with retirement, the life of being widows/widowers, as well as those beginning to grow “more seasoned” in age.