Growth Ministry

Past, Present and Future:  Rebranding the Baptist Training Union
Come “Grow” with us!

2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Peter 3:18; St. Matthew 5:16

Go to church faithfully.
Read your Bible daily.
Obey God’s commandments.
Witness to others.
Take time to pray.
Honor God with your tithe.

The purpose of Christian education is the directing of the process of human development towards God’s objective for man:  godliness of character and action.   11 Tim. 3:17
As education in general begins with physical birth, Christian education begins with spiritual rebirth, when the life of God is communicated to the soul.

Bethel’s G.R.O.W.T.H.  Ministry is the rebranding of the old Baptist Training Union.  Sessions are generally held Wednesday nights and encompass a plethora of training sessions that are relevant, reverent and critical for Christian “growth” for all in the body of Christ.

Following the vision of the pastor, Dr. RB Holmes, various sessions are scheduled throughout the year. To date over 1,000 classes and seminars have been held at Bethel.   A few examples of the numerous G.R.O.W.T.H. sessions are:

  • A Call and A Cause for Reverence, Remembrance and Relevance
  • A Call to Prayer:  The Power of A Praying Couple
  • A Model to Reach Millennials: Discovering One’s Destiny
  • Breaking Free:  Overcoming Depression, Discouragement and Divorce
  • Building A Better Body of Christ
  • Building A Better Sunday School
  • Building A Better You:  Taking Care of Your Heart, Mind and Body
  • Christ, the Hope of Glory
  • Dating with Dignity: Lord Let Thy Will Be Done
  • Elements for An Enriching Marriage
  • For Men Only: Testicular and Prostrate Cancer
  • Growing the Church for the next generation
  • Heart Disease and Women’s Health
  • Church Leaders to Execute the Vision
  • Joy in Living and Giving:  Developing A Debt-Free Mind Set
  • Me Gifted?-I Don’t Think So-The Gift Within
  • Money Management: Blessing the Budget
  • Precepts from the Psalms
  • Principles from Proverbs
  • Principles of Becoming A Better Person:  I’m So Glad I’m Saved
  • Purpose and Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Single and Saving:  Strategies for Financial Security
  • Single and Still Fine:  Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Successfully Single:  Christ Centered and Career Focused
  • The Divine Knowledge and Reverence for the Real Jesus
  • The Purpose of Prayer, Worship and Praise
  • Visioning and Envisioning the Future

 A comprehensive compendium of the multitudinous “G.R.O.W.T.H.” topics envisioned by Dr. RB Holmes and offered at Bethel through the years, will be coded and published.  This guide will be the precursor for Bethel’s Church “G.R.O.W.T.H.”  Training Manual to be published by 2019.  To God be the Glory!