Music Ministry


  • Praise and worship God in the beauty of holines
  • Usher in God’s presence with singing
  • Lead the people into His presence
  • Break the powers of darkness 
  • Destroy yokes through praise
  • Transform the four walls of our sanctuary into the Tabernacle of God with worship 

The Music Ministry is composed of several standing choirs:

The Angelic Choir children
Ages 3 to 12, meets the 3rd and 4th Saturday, 1p.m.

The Youth Choir
Teens through graduation from high school, meet the 3rd and 4th Saturday, 1p.m.

Steele Lightsey Choir
All adults, meets Thursdays at 6p.m.

Inspirational Choir
All adults, meets Thursdays at 630p.m.

The Collegiate/Young Adult Choir
College students and young adults, meet Thursdays at 730p.m.

The Male Chorus
All adult men, meet Mondays at 7p.m.

Sounds of Bethel Orchestral Ensemble
This ensemble is composed of individuals that have at least two years of experience on any band or orchestral instrument i.e. violin, trumpet, saxophone etc. Meet TBD

Each choir member should possess three main attributes:

  1. Spirituality - John 4:23-24
  2. Musicianship
  3. Sociability/Fellowship - 1 John 1:7 and Hebrews 10:24-25

Each member should have clear knowledge of the importance of the choir and its place in the worship service - II Chronicles 5:11-14

Each member should be committed and dedicated to blending their gift/talent and personalities for providing inspiration, warmth, and unity to a service and not entertainment or a display of individual talent. - John 4:23

At all times, whether in practice or performance, one must keep in mind this basic principle:  if a ministry for the Lord is worthy of our service, it is also worthy of our very best effort and effective use of our God-given talent.  To that end, may our lives be dedicated and ministries blessed that He alone might receive the honor and glory.

… whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
l Corinthians 10:31

In the words of J.S. Bach, “The aim and final reason for All music should be nothing else but the glory of God and the refreshment of the spirit.”

The voice you are born with is God’s gift to you; the use of your voice (for His glory) is your gift to God.