By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
June 28, 2019


The Apalachee Center and Bethel Missionary Baptist Church are bringing mental health services to the Frenchtown area. This new facility will provide access to individuals that are in need of psychiatric care, therapy, counseling, and other health services.

For over 12 years the establishment was formerly known as the Bethel Family Counseling Center. Now the Apalachee Center at Bethel is a brand new mental health facility located in the heart of Frenchtown.

The building has more than 7 offices, all catered to help various individuals with anything from case management to therapy. Reverend B Holmes from Bethel Missionary Baptist Church brought the idea to the attention of Apalachee Center President Jay Reeve almost 10 months ago.

Holmes says, "There's nothing wrong with going somewhere to get hope, to get help, to get healing."


Residents like Keturah Poole share there is a definite need for this type of facility, "People need a place where they feel safe where they know that they can talk to someone, who is there who is trained to help them."

"There's an epidemic in this country," Reeve expresses, "and its an epidemic of mental illness and what you do in an epidemic is that you increase access to care."

The facility is currently closed, but will be open to the public at some point in July. Once open, patients can receive assistance in telemedicine, case management, psychiatric care, intensive assistance, and for those that are homeless, there is a team on site to deal with any needs.

Holmes mentions, "We know there's a need we are trying to let folks know. there's nothing wrong with therapy. nothing wrong with seeing a psychologist, nothing wrong with prayer. But sometimes you need prayer, counseling and medication."

The outpatient facility aims to help those in the area that could otherwise not afford the care that they need.

Reeve is excited for this new development, which he considers an asset to the community, "It says a lot from Tallahassee and this region that people are so committed to getting these services where they need to be."

The partnering is ready to make a difference come July, for many.

As of now the facility will be open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, but will adjust based on the community’s needs.